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eTown Award

Karen Marx and Abdoul Doumbia were awarded the coveted “eTown eChievement Award” honoring the work accomplished since 1999 with the “Mali Assistance Project."

The radio broadcast has been aired on over 300 radio stations across the US and Canada. Steve Earle and David Amram are the musical artists, along with Nick and Helen Forster. The podcast of the show goes out to their global audience of close to 1,000,000 listeners, and will be available for more than a year.

Watch the video of Karen Marx receiving the eChievement Award below:



To make a contribution, please make checks out to
“The Mali Assistance Project” and mail to:

The Mali Assistance Project

c/o Karen Marx, Executive Director
3601 Arapahoe Ave, Box 221
Boulder, CO 80303